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Monday, September 25, 2017

Canadian Man Acquitted of Terror Charges, Amazing!

RCMP alleged that Othman Hamdan posted pro-ISIS materials to social media
By Michelle Ghoussoub, CBC News

Othman Hamdan, on his way into a bail hearing in Fort St. John on July 15, 2016.
He has been acquitted on all charges. (Brett Hyde/CBC)

A Fort St. John, British Columbia man charged with terror offenses, including inciting murder, has been acquitted.

Othman Hamdan was charged with encouraging murder, assault and mischief for terrorist purposes.

He was also accused of inducing and instructing someone to carry out a terrorist act.

Hamdan was 33 and working as a construction contractor when he was arrested in Fort St. John in 2015.

RCMP scrutinized 85 Facebook posts published between 2014 and 2015 and alleged that Hamdan posted pro-ISIS material and celebrated advances made by the group.

The court also heard that Hamdan's posts praised lone wolf attacks on Parliament Hill and Quebec and that he published a how-to guide for carrying out attacks. 

But Hamdan, who plead not guilty to all four charges against him, argued that his posts were taken out of context, and that he used social media to "shine a light" on atrocities being carried out in the Middle East.

He said his posts constituted political satire and were attempts to explain why certain events were taking place, without endorsing them.

A life on the road

Hamdan, who described himself as a non-practicing Sunni Muslim, was born to Palestinian parents in Abu Dhabi and moved to the U.S. at the age of 18.

After 9/11, Hamdan was interrogated because his Saudi roommate was an aviation student.

He moved to Vancouver in 2001, saying he was facing discrimination in the U.S.

Hamdan was accepted as a refugee in B.C. in 2002. 

According to prominent members of the Fort St. John community, Hamdan led a relatively isolated life in the small town.

At the time of his arrest, the mayor of Fort St. John said he was virtually unknown to the community.

A spokesman for the Peace River Muslim Association said he had never met or even heard of Hamdan before police announced the charges, and that he had never visited the local mosque.

Because Hamdan is not a Canadian citizen, he may need to attend an immigration hearing.

Sunni Muslim, Palestinian parents, praises terrorists, writes how-to guides for terrorists, anti-social, flies below every radar - why on earth would he be suspected of being a terrorist? Good grief! 

This has got to be appealed.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

North Korea is US Stage-Managed Geopolitical Theater to Counter China - Analyst

Unfortunately, this makes a great deal of sense. 

© KCNA / Reuters

The whole Pacific Rim agenda is predicated on poor relations with North Korea and being on a war footing. The only reason the US is there is to counter China, while North Korea is just theater, geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen says.

The US flew B-1B Lancer bombers, escorted by F-15 fighters, off North Korea’s east coast. However, the aircraft remained in international airspace.

In a statement, the Pentagon said the mission was designed to demonstrate “US resolve and [sends] a clear message that the President has many military options to defeat any threat.”

RT discussed this situation with geopolitical analyst and founder of the news website 21st Century Wire Patrick Henningsen.

21st Century Wire has some critics. It is accused of being conspiratorial and not citing as many mainstream sources for their conclusions as some would like. But MSM doesn't publish articles on Deep State or the Military Industrial Establishment, and you would be hard-pressed to find any credible source of documented information in the western world on these subjects. 

What he says makes sense, and so, he is going to generate much criticism from those who actually think things are as they appear to be, and from those who want to remain in the shadows. As wise people always say, 'follow the money'!

RT: What message is Washington sending with this bomber deployment?

Patrick Henningsen: They are sending a message of aggression and war. It is certainly the message that Trump’s base, some of them anyway, want to hear. It is the message that the military-industrial complex in the US – all the defense contractors – they want to hear this, it is John McCain’s message, it is James Mattis’ message. This is the message of neoconservative war hawks. That is basically who he is talking to.

In terms of diplomacy, it is completely counterproductive. In terms of China relations, it is very poor form. In terms of military strategy, it is worthless, it is nothing. The other thing is, Obama would have done the same thing. In fact, Obama did exactly the same thing in September, 2016 – he flew a B-1 bomber over South Korea not very far at all, technically from where this was flown today. Of course, it didn’t get any media coverage at the time. But this is just basic US behavior, a government that is dominated by the Pentagon, by the defense industry, by these interests.

RT: Is it a sensible move given how high tensions are at the moment?

PH: The US is the problem in this. South Korea and North Korea have tried different times to initiate some kind of meaningful peace process. And almost at every turn, the US will intervene in one way or another to try to break up that sort of bilateral negotiations between the North and the South. The US has a demilitarized zone between North and South Korea with 30,000 troops and military contractors and civilian personnel based there. They have a base in Okinawa, they have a base in Japan, they have a base in Guam, they have a few bases on the Philippines. From the Korean point of view, the problem is the US. I am sure North and South Korea could eventually work this out to have a peace treaty. But that is not what is happening now. The US is intervening for one simple fact: because the whole Pacific Rim agenda is predicated on poor relations with North Korea and war footing. Otherwise, the US would have no business in the Pacific and the only reason they are there is to counter China. So, North Korea is just theater. This is stage-managed geopolitical theater. It is very dangerous what the US is doing right now, what this president is doing right now, pushing the envelope in a very negative way.

RT: How might Pyongyang react to a provocation like this?

PH: If you listen to the words of Donald Trump at the UNGA, wouldn’t you want a nuclear deterrent as well? He is threatening to destroy a country with 25 million people that live there. And it is an idiotic statement by the US president for the simple reason, if you nuked North Korea, you would also create huge nuclear contamination that would kill so many people in the South. It would make huge areas uninhabitable and parts of China. It is not going to happen. Everyone knows the US is not going to nuke North Korea. What you have here is an exact identical replay of the US relations with Cuba. The US government, though its ridiculous policies and rhetoric, threatening, sanctions and embargos, kept Fidel Castro in power for so many odd years. They are doing exactly the same thing. This is like a replay of Cuba. The US made Fidel Castro who he was, made the conditions that kept him in power. The US government is doing the exact same thing here with North Korea; it is like a replay of history. It doesn’t make sense on so many levels, but this is sort of business as usual for Washington and unfortunately, history will not be on the side of the US in this, because at some point, it has to end. They’ve been there 70 years. They’ve carved out a strip between North Korea and South Korea, which is basically a giant dollar sink for US dollars, for the military-industrial complex. There is no reason for the US to be there and there is no reason for North and South Korea to be pointing guns at each other. The only reason they are is because of the US.

My fear is that the Pentagon and the White House do not fully comprehend the deep-seated paranoia of devoutly communist countries which is that the western world is out to destroy them. It might be easier than they think to push the envelope beyond the breaking point.

It’s all about money at the end of the day. It’s about a defense budget that has been increased 20 percent to 700 billion dollars; the increase percentage alone is more than the entire annual Russian defense budget… this is about money, this is about profit.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

NATO Seeking to Revive Cold War-Era Climate — Lavrov

Yes, this is a Russian article, but what the Foreign Minister says is what I have been saying for years. NATO is creating geo-political instability in order to create some excuse for its very existence.

The West structured its policy according to the principle of "who's not with us is against us," and has chosen the path of NATO expansion, he said

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov© Alexander Shcherbak/TASS

UNITED NATIONS, September 21. /TASS/. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is seeking to recreate the Cold War-era climate, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday at the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly.

"NATO aspires to recreate the Cold War climate and refuses to bring to life the principle of equal and indivisible security across the OSCE area, solemnly declared in the 1990s," he said."

"For the last quarter of a century, Russia, no matter the challenges it faced, made in good faith its part of the way to eliminate the legacy of the Cold War, has done a lot to strengthen confidence and mutual understanding in the Euro-Atlantic region and the world," Russia’s top diplomat said.

"This, however, has not been reciprocated by our Western partners, overexcited by the illusion of the 'end of history' and still trying to accommodate rudimentary institutions of block-to-block confrontation era to the modern day realities," he continued.

The West, in its turn, structured its policy according to the principle of "who's not with us is against us," and has chosen "the path of reckless eastward NATO expansion and provoking instability in the post-Soviet space and encouraging anti-Russian sentiments," the Russian foreign minister said.

He is referring to the coup in Ukraine where the elected government was overthrown by an EU-friendly opposition. With many Russian-speaking people in Ukraine, Russia sees this as a provocative attack to which it responded by finessing the Crimea from Ukraine and by supporting rebels in the east. 

I have to wonder how much George Soros had to do with the Orange revolution? No doubt his Russian-hating NGOs were involved; they have never evolved out of the Cold War. I wonder who else was involved?

Friday, September 22, 2017

'Deep State Moves to Facebook Adverts to Keep Russian Blame Game Alive'

I realize this is an RT interview. But it is with an American tech entrepreneur,
Chris Kitze, and it pleads the same case that I sensed almost immediately,
that the Russian advertisements on Facebook are a ruse to smooth over
the fact that there is no real Russian connection to last year's elections. 
He also largely agrees with my 'deep state' theory.

Those who lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump are finding their Russian story falling apart before their eyes, because there was nothing there, and now they are trying this, said Chris Kitze, founder of encrypted internet service Unseen.

Facebook agreed to release to Congress data about ads allegedly bought by Russia, amid an ongoing investigation into Moscow's purported meddling in the 2016 US election.

The social media giant claims it discovered 3,000 paid political ads that could have links to Russia. They cost a hundred thousand dollars in total, and were bought between 2015 and 2017.

The company said all the purchased advertisements are linked to "inauthentic" accounts.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday denied Moscow have anything to do with political advertisements on Facebook.

“We don't know who placed the advertisements on Facebook or how, and have never done it. The Russian side has never been part of it,” said Peskov.

RT:  Earlier Facebook refused to publish these ads, posted by user accounts allegedly linked to Russian authorities. What made the company change its position?

Chris Kitze: They are running out of time. They can’t prove anything that Russia did anything bad with the American election. They are obviously trying to put some news out there to try and keep the story alive. It looks to me like it is pretty much nothing.

RT:  Are you suggesting that there is someone specific behind this issue?

CK: What happens with politics in America is that there are certain people behind the scenes who are doing things. They are not accomplishing what they wanted to accomplish. So what they end up doing is that they have to keep trying more and more things. In the case of Facebook, they said: ‘Well, we can dump these things out and make a news headline.’ Everyone will forget about it in a couple days.

RT:  What kind of leverages does the congressional investigation committee have to pressure the Internet giants like Facebook to cooperate?

CK: Facebook is so big they basically do whatever they want anyway. The Congressional hearing can subpoena things, but a lot of these giant companies can just sandbag and hold things back so that they don’t have to provide anything. They will just drag it out so long that it won’t matter. There is a reason why all the stuff is being released right now - and you noticed the coordination of the news media - that is the first tell that shows you this whole thing is a setup.

RT:  Usually the big companies do not immediately agree on such demands of a government, trying to draw public attention to the problem. Why this time it was not the case? 

CK: They are contributing to the Russia hysteria. There are two sides to this: there is President Trump and then there are the other people. The other people lost power. They were surprised they lost the election. And now what they are trying to do is get back at President Trump. It’s just that simple. What is happening now – they are finding that the whole Russian story fell apart right in front of their eyes, because there was nothing there, and now they are trying this. It is another bit of nothing. They may try and use this as a way to try and regulate people, like Matt Drudge and other news websites to say: ‘Well, you’re accepting ads potentially from foreign people.’ But there is no way that a news website knows who the advertisers are, because they all are done by add networks, like Google.

RT:  The investigation committee has a right to make any company share the materials that might interest them. Why then are they focusing on Russia? Doesn’t it violate privacy rights of the Internet users?

CK: There are things that the Congress can do and judges can do. They have wide powers to subpoena things for criminal investigations. So at that point people pretty much lose their privacy rights – that is just the way it is.

RT:   Judging by what you’ve said, today people almost don’t have a chance for any kind of secrecy, do they?

CK: I am not sure you can hang your hat on that for this matter. People can have privacy, but the real issue here is between Facebook and the advertisers. So it is not really involving the end user – it is more a corporate and a political matter.

RT:  Usually the big companies do not always agree to comply with such demands from the government, trying to draw public attention to the problem. Why is that not the case this time around?

CK: It is interesting to me, as someone who used to be a Facebook user… They push all kinds of other junk, things that most moral people would never want in their homes. Now they are cooperating with the government. The only reason they are doing this is obviously because that is what they want to do – that is in their interest. These are companies who could hide all this stuff and say: ‘We don’t know anything about it,’ or they can drag it out for two years – just looking for the information, or even lose it. There is a reason why these companies all of a sudden are showing up with this information – it is because that is a part of the agenda that is being pushed by the news media complex and the tech complex in the US.

Syrian Refugee Jailed for 10 Years in Estonia After Setting Wife on Fire

The New Normal - Estonian Style

View of Estonia's capital Tallinn © Peter Seyfferth / Global Look Press

A court in Estonia has sentenced a Syrian refugee to 10 years’ imprisonment for setting fire to his wife in front of their young daughter, as well as subjecting her to months of abuse.

On Friday, Judge Merle Parts pronounced her sentence on 20-year-old Kovan Mohammad at the Harju County Court. Mohammed, who arrived in Estonia with his family from Greece last year, had been charged with assault causing severe bodily harm, as well as physically abusing his 22-year-old wife throughout their relationship.

On March 7, wanting to teach his wife a “lesson,” Mohammed used gasoline to set her alight in front of their young daughter at their apartment in the Lasnamäe district of Tallinn, local media reports. After calling an ambulance herself, the wife had to spend five months in hospital and go through six operations, as well as spending two months in a coma. Nearly 70 percent of her body was covered in burns.

Mohammed pleaded guilty to putting his wife through physical abuse, including hitting her with a wooden slat, but claimed the incident on March 7 was an accident. However, the court heard he took the time to go out and buy gasoline and also watched videos of burnings over the internet, as well as searching for the best ways to punish a woman. He was found guilty of both charges, but his lawyer Alar Neiland says he intends to appeal.

Mohammed’s wife, who was released from hospital in August, has now moved into a new apartment with their child.

10 years is not nearly long enough. He should have been convicted for traumatizing the child, for not calling an ambulance, and for setting a fire in an apartment building endangering the lives of everyone in that building. Those acts deserve 10 years on their own.

This is Muslim insanity!

'Women Have Quarter of a Brain’, Saudi Cleric Claims

OMGoodness! Since, in Saudi Arabia it takes the testimony of two women to equal that of one man, I guess we can assume that Saudi men have only half a brain. Aha! That's it! Now I completely understand Islam!

Sheikh Saad Al-Hijri. © أخبار اليو / YouTube

A Saudi cleric has been slated for saying that women don’t deserve to drive because they only have a quarter of a brain. Sheikh Saad Al-Hijri was also banned from performing his religious duties because of his outrageous comments.

Al-Hijri made his brain-numbing remarks at a lecture aptly titled, “The evils of women driving.” Women are banned from driving altogether in the notoriously conservative country, with many jailed for attempting to.

According to the cleric, women only have half a brain to begin with, but, when they attempt to factor shopping into their feeble minds, that halves again and they “end up with only a quarter,” as cited by the Jerusalem Post.

A video of Al-Hijri’s sexist musings was circulated online, provoking a backlash from many in the kingdom who used the hashtag “Al-Hijri says women have a quarter of a brain” to voice their anger.

“She became pregnant with him, gave birth to him, raised him, spent sleepless nights for him until he grew up and now he calls her a woman with a quarter of a brain. He and his like must be banned from appearing anywhere,” wrote one irate user.

“I swear to God those who have a quarter of a brain are you and your likes who handed you platforms to deliver hardline views. It is the woman who raises man and she is the core of success,” said another.

Saudi Arabia, an absolutist monarchy which controversially has seats on the UN Human Rights Council and the Women’s Rights Commission, has long been criticized for the treatment of the kingdom's female population.

Not to worry though, in an apparent move to rectify this the government established a ‘girl’s council’ consisting solely of men who know better.

Obviously, there are many Muslims in the UN.

School Board Axes Controversial Policy Banning Grades of Zero

A remarkable switch to common sense in N&L schools

Teachers now able to award zeroes for grades, deduct marks for late assignments
CBC News 

Newfoundland and Labrador English School District CEO Tony Stack says he believes students will adjust to the change in policy. (Gary Locke/CBC)

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD) has ended a controversial policy that kept teachers from deducting marks when work was handed in late.

That means teachers are now able to award zeroes for grades, and students can no longer wait until the end of the term to pass in assignments.

Teachers had complained the policy was unfair to students who did meet deadlines, and that it created extra work at the end of the year. 

"Any policy has to survive the realities of the classroom, and we learned from our policy development,'  said NLESD CEO Tony Stack. 

"At times, you'll have to adjust and we adjusted the course, in this case, and I think what we've got now is a very good balance." 

Students will face adjustment

At Gonzaga High School in St. John's on Thursday, the news was all the students could talk about at lunchtime.

Gonzaga High School may be the home of the Vikings, but like other schools in the province, it will no longer be the home of a policy that prevented zeroes from being given out to students. (Gary Locke/CBC)

Rhys Northcote said many students were surprised by the news, and that students who are used to passing in work late won't be able to do it anymore.

"After tests, we don't get to redo them anymore. If we miss it we need a doctors note, otherwise we just get a zero for it."

Gonzaga High School student Rhys Northcote says the the new policy will be an adjustment for students. (Gary Locke/CBC)

The NLESD says it did realize there were unintended consequences to a policy that was designed to encourage students to complete their work, instead of teach them to get used to loose deadlines.

"I'm sure right now as we speak in classrooms, the subtle changes to what we've done are being talked about and shared with students, and they will adapt as they always do," said Stack